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Whilst working with SME’s and larger businesses for over 25 years, Rachel Mallett combines both financial and personnel expertise to deliver business support and development.  The development of the IPSATIVITY software came about after training and becoming accredited to deliver psychometric profiling using the DISC analysis.  Working alongside directors and managers it was apparent that there was a gap with employee engagement and in particular in tasking individuals for project management relevant to team strengths and behaviours.

The methodology has been used within businesses to ensure they get the right people doing the right jobs all of the time.

Rachel Mallett
Rachel MallettManagement Miracles
Andrew Dewhurst
Andrew DewhurstSales Smarts
Gail Snook
Gail SnookMarketing Marvels
Ian Entwistle
Ian EntwistleTop Techy
Anya Sarah Rigby
Anya Sarah RigbyAccomplished Administration
Vember Ormerod
Vember OrmerodDelicious Designs
Elsie the Great Dane
Elsie the Great DaneHead of Security